Default ports for RealPlayer

What are the default ports for RealPlayer?

RealPlayer uses the following ports to connect to streaming media. These ports need to be opened for the program to function correctly behind corporate or hardware firewall.

By default, the the following ports are used:

- Control channel (bi-directional): TCP 80, 554, 7070, 8080, 1755 for MMS Windows Media requests
- Data channel from server to player: TCP 80, 554, 7070, 8080 or UDP 6970 32000, TCP 1755 for MMS Windows Media resend requests
- Authentication and Sign-in require TCP 443 (Secure Socket Layer)
- HTTP 80 for AutoUpdate and Messaging

Specific Proxy and Transport settings within the Player preferences will override some of these ports.

Please see your IT department or manual for your firewall for further documentation.

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