'Potential virus' warning when downloading or updating RealPlayer

Why do I get a "potential virus" warning when I try to download or update RealPlayer?

Many web browsers give a routine security warning message to let you know about possible risks of downloading software. This message does not mean that the program actually has a virus; it warns you of the risk.

RealNetworks takes precautions to ensure our software is clear of viruses. It is safe to install RealTimes and RealPlayer when you download it from or using the "Check for Update" function in the RealPlayer itself.

Note: Sometimes anti-virus software companies release definitions that trigger a false alert when certain programs are launched or certain files are accessed. Your anti-virus software may tell you that you have a virus when you do not. This can happen when a program performs a task, like copying a file from one location to another, in a way that the anti-virus software looks for based upon the definitions. A false alert can also sometimes be triggered when a free software installation includes additional offers; some programs that do this include Eset and MalwareBytes.

You should run updates of your anti-virus software, including virus definitions, then perform a full system scan. This will eliminate almost all false alerts. If you continue to receive a warning, please contact us and let us know what anti-virus program you are using so we can take further action.
If you believe you are infected with a virus or worm, visit your anti-virus manufacturer's website for removal information.

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