Setting a cache in RealPlayer

What is a cache and how do I set it?

A cache is a type of computer memory that stores the most frequently used information. Cache is usually stored in a special section of the main memory or in a separate device, and this data can be retrieved much more quickly than if the computer has to find it on the hard disk drive.

The more memory cache you have set aside, the more smoothly the player will run. However, too much cache can take up large amounts of hard drive space.

Increase your cache if you experience many pauses with "loading" messages or you see a percentage in the upper-left corner while trying to load something. Decrease your cache if you need to free up some hard drive space.

To adjust the amount of cached memory:

1. In RealPlayer, click the logo at the upper left, then Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane, click Content.
3. In the Clip Cache section, click the Settings button. The Temporary clip cache settings dialog box appears.
4. Make sure that the Enable caching check box is selected, and drag the Clip cache size slider to the left to decrease it or right to increase it.
5. To clear the cache memory to free up disk space, you can click the Empty clip cache button. When prompted, click OK.
6. Click OK to save your changes.

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