Video does not start playing when casting

When I try to cast a video, my phone shows a rotating blue circle as if it's loading or connecting, and the Chromecast just continues to show the RealTimes home screen. Why?

The video may be taking a long time to be prepared for playback, or there might be another program blocking the playback.

Depending on their original format, videos uploaded to your RealCloud storage can take some time to become available for playback in a format supported by Chromecast. If you were trying to play the videos immediately after uploading them, this could explain the delay you experienced. When the video is being optimized for casting, you should see a percentage displayed inside the spinning circle that shows the progress of the optimization process.

Using AdBlock Plus or Ad-Aware? Some customers have reported that turning off the AdBlock Plus or Ad-Aware anti-virus app resolved their playback issues.

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