Sharing Vodafone|RealTimes Stories

How can I send my Story to friends and family?

When your Story finishes playing, you'll see an option to Share or Save it. You can save it first, or just tap Share.

If this is the first time you're sharing a Story from the app, you'll be asked to complete your profile by entering your email address and first and last name. We need this information to send your story and let the recipients know who sent it. Enter the information and tap OK.

Next, select your recipient(s). You can enter an email address or a phone number. If the recipients are already in your contacts list, they will appear as choices when you start typing.

You can then enter a message if you like. Tap Share to send your Story. The app will first upload it, then send it to your recipients and they will get an email or SMS message with a link to play your Story.

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