What’s the difference between RealPlayer? RealPlayer 20/20? RealPlayer People Search? StarSearch™ by Real®? RealPlayer Discover? RealPlayer Downloader? RealTimes, RealPlayer Cloud?

RealPlayer is the consumer media player loved by millions of people since it first appeared in 1995.  

  • RealPlayer 20/20 is the newest AI-powered PC media player for organizing, managing, browsing, and experience downloaded and streamed content. 
  • RealPlayer People Search is a set of technologies to identify celebrities and people that you know, and where they appear in streaming and downloaded video 
  • StarSearch by Real is a Chrome extension that provides a people-centric way to experience streaming on YouTube, Netflix and other leading sites.   
  • RealPlayer Discover is a website with the most popular videos from YouTube and dailymotion are all indexed by people. 
  • RealPlayer Downloader is the companion to RealPlayer that provides a one-click to download from the most popular sites, including YouTube. 
  • RealTimes is a mobile application and a story-maker for photos and videos.  
  • RealPlayer Cloud is the storage offering for premium subscribers.
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