Using Download This Video in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox in RealPlayer 20/20

How can I download videos using one of these browsers?

Instead of a "Download This Video" button appearing just above the video you're watching, in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, the Downloader appears as a small drop-down button at the top of the browser whenever there is a downloadable video on the page you are viewing; depending on your version of RealPlayer this button will be either a solid blue, or will show a thumbnail of the video with an orange stripe above it:

mceclip0.png or mceclip1.png

If you're using the latest version of RealPlayer, but you do not see the download drop-down button, restart the downloader process:

1. Click the arrow icon near the bottom right of your monitor screen to open the system tray.

2. Click the RealPlayer icon.

3. Select Restart RealDownloader.

Then, close and re-open your browser. You should be able to download videos again.

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