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Paid for RealPlayer Premium, but received script error and couldn't download

I purchased the one-time RealPlayer Premium for the $39.99 price less than an hour ago.  My receipt window popped up displaying my order date, order number and price paid.  At the bottom of the receipt it said, "Please click here to download the latest RealPlayer 20/20."  I clicked on the link and received a Script Error message and the lasted RealPlayer 20/20 could not be downloaded.  When I open RealPlayer the Upgrade to Premium button is still present at the top of RealPlayer.  I have none of the premium features I paid for and I did not receive a receipt in my email.  Thank goodness I took screen captures as proof of purchase!!!!

Joseph Neal

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All you need to do is install RealPlayer and then sign into RealPlayer to activate your Plus features. 

Here are instructions to install RealPlayer.

Once you have installed RealPlayer, you will need to sign in with your email address.

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