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Being fleeced

This notice is to let you know that I'm done with Real Networks and would rather purchase a product that does the same things than to give you another penny of my money.  I purchased the software with the Plus feature which originally was promoted with lifetime updates.  Suddenly to keep using this product I'm supposed to purchase an annual subscription for a monthly fee.  In light of you greedy money grubbing attitude I would like to suggest that you go F**** yourself.




Frank Pecenka

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I see that you have purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus. Customers who purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus continued to enjoy their Plus features at no extra charge when we released RealPlayer Cloud, in the new RealTimes these features are available only with a Premium or Unlimited subscription. A subscription unlocks many more features than just the Plus features! Read more about features and pricing.  To learn more, visit the article:

As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it's not possible for us to continue supporting older products. We are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, or prior versions, so some features (such as Download This Video) may not work on these versions.


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