Can't access Plus features after updating to newest version

I recently updated my RealPlayer, and now I can't use any of my RealPlayer Plus features even though I'm signed in! What happened?

Although customers who purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus continued to enjoy their Plus features at no extra charge when we released RealPlayer Cloud, in RealPlayer 18/RealTimes these features are available only with the purchase of RealPlayer Plus or a subscription to RealTimes Premium or Unlimited.  

Customers who previously purchased RealPlayer Plus can receive a discount on a Plus purchase or annual subscription: please click the RealPlayer or RealPlayer Cloud logo in the upper left of your player and select "Check for Update."

Once you have purchased the latest version, all you need to do to activate your Plus features is sign in. If for some reason the additional software components do not install when you sign in, you'll need to take an extra step. At the top of your RealPlayer, if you are signed in, you should see your account name. Click on that, and then click "Activate RealPlayer." This should prompt the extra components to install, giving you access to DVD burning, MP3 CD burning, Cleaner, etc.

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