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Distorted video files playback for first few seconds on new Dell XPS 15 7950 laptop

Not sure why my video files play in a jerky way for first few seconds when opening a video file

Laptop is a brand new XPS 15 9570 with 6 core 9750H CPU, 16 GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

Have checked all drivers are up to date and BIOS.

Reinstalled Intel 630 video driver.

Turned off sound enhancements

Reinstalled Real player and adjusted hardware settings to minimal CPU usage etc

Playing files from the desktop or USB memory stick is no different.

No change videos still appear jerky when started up.

Videos play correctly on other apps like Windows Media player 11 or PowerDVD 17.


Anyone else have similar problem?


Crawford Hill

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I still have the same problems with my second XPS 7590.  Could it be something to do with the Intel 630 driver? Jerky video start-up and jerky after been paused. Videos playback on the Intel 630 not the GTX 1650 GPU.

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We are not aware of any such issues with a specific display adapter.

Can you please confirm if these were tried?

1. Open RealPlayer.
2. Click the RealPlayer logo, then Preferences
3. In the Category pane, select Hardware.

- Under Video Card Compatibility, move the slider bar Most reliable.
- Click OK twice to save the changes.
- Close out of RealPlayer, restart it.

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