Why does RealPlayer crash every 2 hours?

Updated April 19, 2017.

We have identified and fixed a compatibility issue for RealPlayer applications with the latest Windows 10 Creators update (Version 1703). As a result, RealPlayer applications will terminate abnormally if left open for more than two hours.

Please update to the latest version of RealPlayer to resolve this issue:

1. Open RealPlayer.
2. Click the logo, then Check for Update:
- If the Message Center window appears, click Update to get the latest version of RealTimes/RealPlayer.
- If the AutoUpdate window appears, scroll through the list, select RealPlayer or any plug-ins that you want to update, and click Install. Plug-ins will install automatically.
3. If prompts appear for additional steps, follow them for complete installation. You may need to make sure that the program is running with administrator privileges and that you are logged in under an administrator account.

NOTE: You can also download the updated version from


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