RealPlayer says 'connecting' or 'loading' but never plays

Why does RealPlayer say "connecting" or "loading related info" without playing the stream?

When you try to play an online broadcast, RealPlayer may say it is "connecting" or "loading" but never play the stream. To fix this, make sure RealPlayer can stream other files, then reset RealPlayer's proxy and network transport settings. You can also check if RealPlayer is being blocked by a firewall. If all else fails, try performing a clean installation of RealPlayer.

Solution 1: Determine if the problem is with the specific file.

To rule out a problem with the file itself, try playing a sample video clip:

If the sample file plays, the problem may be with the specific file that you were trying to play.

Solution 2: Unblock RealPlayer inside of the firewall.

Personal firewall software will often block RealPlayer from connecting to the Internet. You will have to configure the software to allow RealPlayer to have full access to the Internet. Please see Service Unavailable, Offline, or Action Cancelled errors for details.

Solution 3: Set RealPlayer to use no proxy.

If you're having trouble watching or listening to a clip in RealPlayer, changing your proxy settings to "No proxy" may be the solution.

Solution 4: Set RealPlayer to receive content via HTTP only.

On some networks, you may need to configure RealPlayer to use the HTTP Only option to connect to the Internet. This option allows a copy of RealPlayer operating behind strict firewalls to access RealPlayer traffic.

Solution 5: Uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer.

If none of the solutions work, the problem may be with RealPlayer. To solve it, completely uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer.

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