Play files created using DivX, Div3, or Div4 codecs

How do I get RealPlayer to play video and movie files that were created using the DivX, Div3, or Div4 codecs?

To play DivX, Div3, or Div4 files on your computer, you need to install the DivX codec that allows the video to play.  (Codec stands for compression/decompression. A codec is a program that compresses a file to save space, then decompresses it for viewing.)

You can download and install the appropriate DivX codec for your operating system for free from the DivX Plus Codec Pack page. After the codec is installed on your computer, you can use RealPlayer to play the DivX clip.

If you try to play a DivX file without the codec installed and the clip's audio is encoded as an MP3 or another supported audio type, the audio will play but the video will not. Only a black screen will appear. After the DivX codec is installed, the video will play correctly.

XviD is another common codec, downloadable from Please direct any questions about installing XviD to that site.

If after installing the DivX (or XviD) codec you still are not able to play both audio and video, contact the creators of the file and find out which codec they used and where it can be obtained.

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