Optimal speeds for casting videos

What speed should I have for my device and Cloud to get the best casting experience using Chromecast?

The ideal speed depends on whether the video you are casting is on your device or Cloud, and the resolution quality of the video. We believe the speeds listed below would provide the best experience.

For camera-roll video casting from your device:
- You need 4Mbps from DEVICE for ED480p videos (enhanced definition)
- You need 12Mbps from DEVICE for HD720p videos
- You need 22Mbps from DEVICE for HD1080p videos

For movie casting from your device or PC:
- You need 2Mbps for lower quality video
- You need 6Mbps for HD720p videos
- You need 11Mbps for HD1080p videos

For any video casting from Cloud:
- You need 1.3 Mbps from CLOUD for lower quality video (SD)
- You need 2.5 Mbps from CLOUD for medium quality video (ED)
- You need 5.5 Mbps from CLOUD for high quality video (HD)

To see what your current speeds are, tap Settings > Network > Test Chromecast Connection on your device. You will see the speed information inside the spinning circles, as in this example below:

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