Creating photo collages

Can I combine several photos into a single collage image?

Yes! Here's how:

1. In the RealTimes app on your device, tap "+".

2. Tap Collage.

3. Select two or more photos. (The maximum is nine.)

4. Tap Create at the top of the screen.

5. RealTimes will create a collage for you.

6. You can then edit your collage:

  • Tap to move or zoom a photo around in its frame
  • Tap and drag to move a photo to a different spot in the collage
  • Tap Edit to select a different layout for your collage (swipe right or left to see the options)
  • Tap Borders to choose a different color, thickness, or texture for the border

To save your collage, tap the three-dots icon and select "Save as photo." You can then share the collage image with friends and family just as you would with any other photo. Collages will appear in your Photos & Videos under the date they were created.


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