Toolbar mode

RealTimes lets you enjoy your favorite media while you work. With Toolbar Mode, RealTimes takes up less space on your desktop, giving you more room to use while you work in other applications.

Of the three Display Modes available in RealTimesNormal Mode, Toolbar Mode, and Theater Mode — Toolbar Mode displays like so:

  • The player controls appear as a toolbar at the bottom of your monitor. The toolbar also includes a button to open the Toolbar Mode menu.
  • Video or Visualization images appear in a detached presentation window.
  • By default, the Media Browser is hidden when Toolbar Mode is first enabled.

Show/Hide Presentation Area or Media Browser

To show (or hide) the Presentation Area, click .


Change Display Mode when in Toolbar Mode

  • To return to Normal mode, click  on the toolbar.
  • Click > View to select the desired display mode.
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