Web Videos

Web Videos displays the most popular videos of the day on the web (these videos are not selected by RealNetworks).

When you play a video from Web Videos, it plays in an embedded player in RealPlayer. This embedded player cannot be expanded to full-screen; if you want to watch a video in full screen mode, you can download it to your RealPlayer Library and play it from there.

Videos in Web Videos are not stored on your computer, and RealPlayer doesn't download them automatically. If you wish, you can download any video when you play it—just use the Download This Video button.

Play videos

  1. Move your mouse over a video.
  2. Click on it once to play it. If it is not the featured video at the top of the page, it will open and start playing at the top of the Web Videos screen.

Videos play right inside the Web Videos view.

Download from Web Videos

You can download the videos from Web Videos when you play them, just as you would any other internet video.

  1. Move your mouse over a video.
  2. Click the Play button.
  3. Click Download This Video.

Good to know

Because these videos play in an embedded player within RealPlayer and are not automatically downloaded, they do not appear in lists of recently played videos.

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