Editing photos on a mobile device

Can I edit my photos in the RealTimes mobile app?

Yes! You can edit photos in the RealTimes app for iOS and Android.

1. Tap the photo to view it.

2. Click the pencil icon that appears above the photo.

3. Choose from the following editing options, make your changes and tap Apply. When you have made all the changes you desire, tap Done. Your edited photo will appear next to the original in your timeline. (To back out of an editing option, just tap the Back button on your phone.)

Enhance Hi-Def makes your picture sharper, Illuminate makes it brighter, and Color Fix adjusts the color balance. These are automatic changes and cannot be manually adjusted.
Crop Move the outside edges of the photo by dragging them to create a close-up.
Orientation Rotate or flip the photo.
Text Add a caption that appears on the photo itself. Drag the text box to the desired location, and choose from a variety of fonts and colors.
Draw Use your fingertip to draw anything you want on top of the image. You can select a color, brush size, and erase mistakes.
Lighting Adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows, using a slider.
Color Move the slider to the right to adjust the saturation, warmth, tint, or fade the image. 
Sharpness Move the slider to the right to bring a sharper focus to the image.
Effects Choose from Original or Classic effects to instantly transform the image. This is a Premium Feature.
Focus Choose a round or rectangular area of the image to remain in focus while the rest of the image is softly blurred.
Whiten Select a brush size and move your mouse to lighten a specific portion of your photo. 
Vignette Highlight the center of your photo and make the outside edges of the photo darker by adjusting the size and shape of the oval that appears. 
Redeye Select a size and tap on any red eyes in the photo to eliminate them. 
Blur Select a portion of the image to blur. 
Blemish Select a brush size and move it over any part of the image that you would like to blur out. 
Splash The image will automatically change to black and white; click on portions of the image to bring out the color of just that portion. 
Meme Enter top text and bottom text to create a witty poster to share on social media.
Frames Choose from a variety of frames that will be superimposed on your photo. This is a Premium Feature.
Overlays Choose from a variety of outline shapes that will be superimposed on your photo.
Stickers Choose one or more stickers to add some fun to your image. After adding a speech or thought bubble, you can then click the Text option to enter text into the bubble.  This is a Premium Feature.
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