Backup settings

What is Backup?

Turn on Backup in the Android and iOS mobile apps and your photos and videos will be safe in your RealCloud. When new photos and videos are added to your camera roll, they are automatically added to your RealTimes Library and uploaded to RealCloud.

Note: When you first try to activate Backup, you will be prompted to activate RealCloud .

Can I set Backup to work on WiFi only?

Yes. When you turn Backup on, you can select from the following options:

- WiFi only

- WiFi & Cell for Photos, WiFi for videos

- WiFi & Cellular

There are also battery use options, so you can use Backup only when charging, or only when the battery is above 50%.

I changed my mind. How can I turn off Backup?

In the RealTimes app, go to Settings and tap Backup. Tap Deactivate Backup.

If you later decide you want to turn it on again, just follow the same instructions and tap Activate Backup.

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