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RealDownloader Plus no longer working

I made my one time purchase of realdownloader plus on 1/14/2018.  Your latest update removed it and now I can't download anything.  How do you justify this?  Software I purchased has been removed without my consent.  I can understand your wish not to support it, but you have no right to remove software that I paid for.

Sam Michael

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You still have an active RealPlayer Plus under your email address. It has not been deactivated or entitles removed. 

Please follow the instructions from the below link to resolve your issue.

Please note: If you have any playlists created, you will have to recreate them.

Once you have reinstalled, please sign into RealPlayer to activate your Plus features. Here are instructions to sign in:

If the issue persists, please provide the following information:

1. Which web browser do you use?

2. What Firewall program are you using?

3. Are you seeing the "Download This Video" button?

4. Are you seeing any error messages when downloading videos?

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