Exporting playlists from RealPlayer

How do I export playlists from RealPlayer?

NOTE: Exporting playlists is not available in RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes) or RealPlayer Cloud.

Playlists can be exported as Real Media Package (RMP) files to share with other RealPlayer users. This playlist can be played on any other computer that has the same music files. A playlist is just a list, however. RealPlayer will skip any tracks missing from the second user's computer.

To export your playlists from RealPlayer 15 or 16:

1. Start RealPlayer.
2. Click the RealPlayer logo in the upper left, then from the View menu, check Show Organizer.
3. Click on the Library tab.
4. Expand Playlists.
5. Right-click the playlist you wish to export, and select Export Playlist.
6. In the Export Playlist dialog box, choose the location and the file name, and then click Save.


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