Edit a playlist

How can I add, remove, or change the order of songs or videos in a playlist?

Open RealPlayer and click the Library tab.

Add files to a Playlist

1. In the sidebar, click Playlists, then double-click the playlist you want to edit.

2. In the task bar, click Organize > Add Clips. The "Add Clips From Library" dialog opens.

3. From the Library (or select Browse My Computer...), select the files you want to add.

4. Click Add to Playlist.

Delete files from a Playlist

1. Open the playlist and select the song or songs you want to delete by pressing CTRL and clicking on each file you want to delete.

2. Press DELETE on your keyboard, or right-click and select Delete.

Change track order within a Playlist

Drag and drop the files to the order you want. Or, right-click a file and select Move Up or Move Down.

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