Add music and video files into RealPlayer (RealTimes) Library

How do I import existing music and video files into my Library? Can I import them automatically?

To import specific files, first open RealPlayer and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the RealPlayer logo and select File > Add Files To Library....
  2. Select the desired drive and folder.
  3. Select the file or files you want to import.
  4. Click Open to import the files.

When you import files, RealPlayer stores information about them in its database and creates a list of those files in its Library view. However, the files themselves are not stored in RealPlayer; they remain only in your PC hard drive (and in the Cloud, if you chose to upload them).

Note: If you have RealTimes or RealPlayer Cloud, the videos that are imported into your Library are not automatically uploaded into your cloud storage. You may choose to upload videos or not, as you wish.

To automatically scan for and import all the clips you have downloaded or copied to your computer, you can set up watch folders. The clips copied or downloaded in watch folders will be automatically imported into your Library.

To set up watch folders:

1. Open RealPlayer.
2. Click the application logo in the upper left and select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
3. In the Category pane, click Library & Device Sharing.
4. To add one or more folders to your watch list, click the Add Folder button. This opens the Browse for Folder dialog box. From here, you can select and add a folder to your watch list. Click OK.
5. To remove a folder from the watch list, highlight it and click the Remove Folder button. NOTE: In RealTimes and RealPlayer Cloud, removing a folder from the watch list will also remove any media that is in that folder from your PC Library.

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