Delete music or video clips

How do I remove music or video clips?

You can delete files (or clips) from your RealTimes (RealPlayer) Library and/or your Cloud storage. You will have the option to remove the clips from your hard disk drive as well.

To delete a clip from your Library:

1. In RealTimes/RealPlayer on your PC, click the Library tab.

2. Navigate to the list of clips you want to remove.

3. Select the clip(s) you want to delete:
- For one clip: right-click it.
- For a range of clips: click the first clip, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last clip. Right-click the highlighted clips.
- For individual clips: click the first clip, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the rest of the clips. Right-click the highlighted clips.

4. Select Delete from the menu that appears. The Delete Clips dialog box appears.

5. If you want to permanently remove these files from your computer, select the Also delete file(s) from hard drive check box. To remove the files from your Library but keep them on your hard disk drive, leave that check box blank. You can also choose whether to delete the files from RealCloud storage.
NOTE: Deleting photos will automatically delete them from your hard drive.

6. Click Delete to remove the clip(s).

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