Security software detecting communications with RealNetworks

Why is my security software or firewall program detecting communications with RealNetworks?

By default, RealNetworks' consumer applications periodically communicate with servers at RealNetworks to check for updates to the software such as bug fixes, patches, enhanced functions, and new versions, as well as to check for content notifications such as channel headline updates and breaking news and entertainment flashes. Your system's security features may detect these communications and alert you to them.

To learn more about what information is sent to RealNetworks, why, and how to disable these communications if you prefer, please read the RealNetworks Privacy Policy.

Please be assured that these communications are anonymous and that RealNetworks does not monitor your personal viewing or listening habits without your express consent when you use our products. The only time that our consumer software sends your personally identifiable, private information back to RealNetworks is when you choose to provide us with information during electronic registration.

Any information you provide during electronic registration is stored in a standard customer database. That information does not identify your viewing or listening choices; it is used for aggregate statistical analysis and to send email notifications to those who choose to receive them. In any case, RealNetworks will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent.

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