Connecting RealTimes (RealPlayer) to a stereo

Can I play RealTimes (RealPlayer) through my stereo?

Yes. You must first get the proper equipment to connect your computer to your stereo system. Please use caution when connecting electrical devices; in most cases installations are simple. Because stereo receivers and PCs vary so widely, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of your equipment. If at any time during this installation you need assistance, please consult the manufacturer of your stereo and/or PC, or seek help from a local computer hardware store.

Items you will need:

  1. Laptop/desktop computer with sound card speaker jack and RealTimes/RealPlayer installed.
  2. Home stereo receiver with available input jacks (i.e. Aux, Tape2, etc.)
  3. Stereo 1/8" mini jack-to-RCA plugs Y adapter. (Available for less than $10 at local and online electronics retailers.)

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Connecting your laptop/desktop computer to your stereo receiver:

  1. Turn off the power on your stereo receiver.
  2. Plug the single end of the Y adapter into the sound card speaker jack of your laptop/ desktop computer. This is the same jack where you would plug in computer speakers.
  3. Locate an available jack (i.e. Aux, Tape2, etc.) on the back of your stereo receiver where you can plug in the other ends of the Y cable. Do not use the Phono jack; this will cause static or interference.
  4. Match the red plug of the Y cable to the red jack on your stereo receiver and connect.
  5. Match the black plug of the Y cable to the white jack on your stereo receiver and connect. Depending on the Y cable you select, this plug may be black, white or gray.
  6. Your computer is now successfully connected to your home stereo receiver.
  7. Turn on your stereo system.
  8. On your stereo receiver, select the mode where your computer is connected (Aux, Tape2, etc.).
  9. Launch RealTimes/RealPlayer, log in, select music and play. The sound will now be coming from your stereo speakers.
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