Recording from vinyl or cassette to RealTimes (RealPlayer)

I'm trying to record from vinyl or cassette; why can't I access "Record from Mic/Line In"?

Analog recording--saving music from your phonograph, tape deck, boom box, or other analog source to your PC--is a feature that requires RealPlayer Plus or a Premium or Unlimited subscription to RealTimes.
To start recording, click the Tools menu, then Record from Mic/Line In. For full instructions, please see the Recording from Analog Sources article.

Because Record from Mic/Line In is a premium feature, you must be signed in to RealTimes/RealPlayer Plus or a premium subscription (such as SuperPass) to access it. If you get a pop-up reminder about upgrading when you choose Record from Mic/Line In, either you have the free version or aren't signed in. Make sure you have the most recent version of RealTimes and are signed in.

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