No sound when I record from vinyl or cassette

Why does my recording have no sound when I record from vinyl or cassette?

When recording with the Record from Mic/Line In feature of RealPlayer, you may not get any audio from the recording you have made. This can happen if you don't have your analog source plugged in to the correct jack of your sound card or if you have an out-of-date sound card driver.

Solution 1: Make sure you are plugged into the correct jack.

You sound card can have many jacks. Make sure you are connected to the correct jack. Line In is usually indicated by blue. The Mic jack is usually indicated by red.

Solution 2: Update older sound card drivers.

RealPlayer is designed to take advantage of the latest advances in driver technology. Older drivers can cause unexpected errors.

If the installed driver is more than six months old, it may not be compatible with RealPlayer. Please update the sound card driver on your system. Driver updates are usually available for free download from manufacturers' websites. The drivers are usually updated every few months. After installing the drivers, be sure to restart your computer so the configuration changes take effect.

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