Clips lose information when I reinstall RealPlayer

Why do my clips lose their information when I reinstall RealPlayer)?

You can edit the clip information of multimedia tracks in the RealPlayer Library.

However, any WAV, WMV, and AAC files will not retain their edited clip information if you uninstall the RealPlayer library. For these types of files, the information is stored in the Library, which is a series of database files. If you uninstall theRealPlayer Library, the information in these datebase files is also removed, and when you re-import the clips, you will need to re-enter any custom clip information.

When you edit the clip information on WMA, MP3, RA (including lossless), RAX, RM, and RMX files, that data is stored within the files themselves. If you uninstall the RealPlayer Library and have to re-import the files into RealPlayer, the clip information is retained.

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