Using Albums (Collections) to organize videos and photos

What are albums and how do I use them?

An album (called "collection" in the previous version of RealPlayer Cloud) lets you store related items together in the cloud. You can add photos or videos to an album any time, and you can create as many albums as you like. Items can belong to more than one album. Once you have created an album you can:

- Share the entire album with friends and family in a single link/message.

- Play the album as a slideshow.

- Create a story using the scenes in the album.

What's the difference between an album and a playlist?

- Albums can be shared with others; playlists cannot.

- Albums can be created and viewed on any logged-in devices because the media is automatically uploaded to your RealCloud; playlists can only be created and viewed on the PC, and are not uploaded to RealCloud.

- Playlists can be re-ordered however you like; albums are always ordered by the creation date of the media.

- Playlists can include music; albums cannot.

To learn more about creating video playlists in RealTimes, click here.

How do I create an album?

There are two ways to create an album of the videos and photos in your RealCloud:

1. Select a video you want to add. Right-click on it (on a PC) or tap it (on a mobile device) and then select Add to Album. You will have a choice of adding it to an existing album or creating a new one.

2. Go to Albums, and click the Create Album link (this is located at the top of our website, at the bottom of the RealPlayer desktop app, and in the options menu at the top of device apps). Name your album, then add videos.

Note: When you first try to upload files, add photos or videos to an album, or activate Backup, you will be prompted to activate RealCloud (free, Premium, or Unlimited).

Can I share a whole album with people, or do I have to share the items one at a time?

Yes, you can share an album! Just right-click or tap on the album name and select Share. If you make changes later, the changes will be automatically shared to everyone who can see the shared items. For example: if you share an Album called "Vacation" with your parents via email, and you later add new photos to the Album, your parents will get an email telling them that there are new items in "Vacation". 

Note: In RealPlayer Cloud, videos in a collection can only be shared one at a time.

Can I play the album as a continuous stream?

In the RealTimes desktop software, you can! First, add all the photos and videos to an album. Then, from the page that lists all the albums, right-click on the album and select "Play album." 

Can I burn an album/collection to DVD?

If the videos are not already stored on your PC, you will need to download the videos in your RealCloud collection to your PC and create a playlist in your RealPlayer Library. You can then burn the videos to DVD. Read more about DVD burning.

Why doesn't the album I created show up?

When you create an album, it should show up immediately on the device or computer where you created it. It may take a few minutes to appear on other devices connected to the same account. Note: You must be signed into your RealTimes or RealPlayer Cloud account to see your albums/collections.

Can I view my albums/collections if I am not online?

Yes, you can still see which items are in each album/collection, even if you're offline. However, in this case, you will only be able to play videos that are stored on the device or PC.

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