Control which videos appear on other devices

Can I control which videos show up on other devices with device sharing?

Videos that have been uploaded to your Cloud Library will always appear on other devices that are logged into your RealPlayer Cloud account.

To keep videos from being visible on other computers or phones, update the Library & Device Sharing settings in your desktop RealPlayer:

- Click the RealPlayer logo in the upper left and select Preferences.

- Click Library & Device Sharing in the left pane.

- The default is Private, which means other devices that are signed in to the same RealPlayer Cloud account can access videos on your PC; to prevent devices from seeing any of your PC videos, select Disable.

You can also uncheck the "Check these folders" option, or remove specific folders from the list so that RealPlayer won't look there for videos.

Note:  If you change your preference from the default (Private) to Public on your PC, then all PC videos will appear on other devices connected to RealPlayer Cloud using the same network. 

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