Deleted videos still appear in app

I deleted a video from my PC, why do I still see it in the RealTimes app?

Please try the following solutions, as they have resolved the issue for some customers: 

Solution 1: Check all storage locations for the video.

When you delete a video from your Cloud Library, it is not deleted from your PC Library or your hard drive, so it will still appear if your other devices are connected to the same network and same RealTimes account. Similarly, if you delete the video from your RealPlayer PC Library, this does not delete it from the Cloud--and it only deletes the video from your hard drive if you check the option that appears after you select delete. Again, if your device is on the same network, the video will appear if it is stored in any of these three locations: your PC hard drive, your RealPlayer PC Library, or your RealCloud.

Solution 2: Sign out of RealTimes and sign back in.

The videos may still appear because of a caching issue. Please follow these steps to stop displaying the deleted files:

1. Sign out of RealPlayer on your PC.
2. Sign out of RealTimes on your mobile device.
3. Sign out of RealTimes on Roku and all other devices in your network.
4. Click and sign in with your credentials.
5. Go to Account Settings > Account.
6. Under Devices select Logout all devices.
7. Restart the applications on your PC and mobile device. The deleted videos should no longer appear.

Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall the RealPlayer desktop software.

Follow the instructions in this article.

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