Find and delete duplicate songs from your Library

This is a RealPlayer Plus/Real Times Premium feature.

1. Select two or more songs in your Library.
2. In the task bar, click Tools > Delete duplicates.
3. Cleaner will tell you how many songs you have selected. If you would like to clean all your songs, select Clean entire Library. To start the process, click Start Scan.

Note: If you have never used Cleaner before, or have added many songs since the last time, you should first repair song info. The better the information about your songs, the more accurate the scan for duplicates will be. Click  to exit Delete duplicates and start Repair song info.

4. Cleaner will tell you the results of the scan.
5. The first time you try Cleaner, it is best to click Review Results. There is no "undo" for Cleaner. To make permanent changes and skip doing a review, click Delete All Duplicates.
6. In the review view, songs to keep are selected based on your Preferences. Duplicates will be deleted from the Library. If you would like to also delete the file from your computer, select Also delete duplicate songs from my hard drive.
7. Make changes if you wish, then click Delete All Found Duplicates.

Good to know

If you want to keep both songs in a pair of duplicates, select both.

Cleaner follows a set of rules when choosing which songs to keep. To change these rules, go to Preferences: Library > Delete Duplicates.

Songs are deleted from the Library, but the actual file is still on your computer. Even if you choose to have the original files deleted, they will go to the Recycle Bin.


Click , and select Preferences: LibraryDelete Duplicates.

Use these preferences to set the rules for Delete Duplicates.




Lists the types of song info that will be compared when looking for duplicates.


Sets which version Cleaner will choose to keep.

After deleting...

Sets what happens to the original song files when you delete duplicates from your Library.

If a deleted duplicate is in a playlist

If you wish, Cleaner can edit playlists to replace deleted songs.

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