Restoring videos from older version of Private Mode

I saved some videos using Private Mode in RealPlayer 16. How can I access them? Do I need to upgrade?

Although Private Mode is now a paid feature of RealPlayer Plus, customers who had Private Mode content in previous versions can still retrieve it without an upgrade (you just won't be able to keep that content private or make new content Private).

When you open RealPlayer 18, if you are signed in to the same account you used previously, you should see a Private Mode option in the drop-down menu that appears when clicking the RealPlayer logo in the upper left corner of the desktop player. NOTE: This option will not appear if you are upgrading to RealTimes on a PC running Windows 10.

Clicking Private Mode will display the following options:

Make them visible...The files will be moved from the hidden folder to a public media location for that file type, such as Videos or Music. These are default folders for your RealTimes Library. If you have not changed the default settings, your content will automatically be added to your Library.

Put the files... Opens a window where you can browse to the folder of your choice. The default is C:\Users\”PC Name”\Documents\RPPrivate, but you can choose any folder you want. To make sure the files do not appear in your Library, go to RealTimes > Preferences: Device Sharing and make sure that the folder you choose is not listed under "Watch these folders...".

Once the files have been moved or made visible, the Private Mode link will disappear from the RealTimes/RealPlayer menu as the transition of the files is now complete.

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