How do I use the Equalizer?


To open the Equalizer, select Equalizer from the Tools menu. (The 10-Band Equalizer is a Premium Feature.)

Use the Equalizer panel to customize your listening experience by breaking up the standard bass and treble controls into smaller frequency ranges of audio output. Each vertical slider controls the signal gain for a specific frequency range. Sliders also control overall output volume and special effects such as reverb.

Note: Some audio (such as MIDI content) will not be affected by the Equalizer.




Equalizer on/off

(Default: Off) Turns your Equalizer on and off. (Due to buffering, it may take up to 3 seconds to hear the effect of turning the equalizer on or off or of changing the settings.)Note: In some cases the Equalizer will slow down your computer. Turning it off should return your computer to its normal speed.


A drop-down list with several preset, custom slider settings. Selecting a specific name will adjust the sliders to the saved settings.

save settings icon

Saves the current settings with a name for later use. After a setting has been saved, you can recall it any time by selecting it from the drop-down list.

delete settings icon

Deletes the setting currently displayed in the drop-down list to the left of this button.

Gain Slider

The Frequency sliders let you adjust the gain (+ or -) for specific frequency ranges, adjusting audio output to your own preferences. (From the keyboard, press the [Tab] key to select individual sliders, then use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the level.)

Room Size

Adjusting this slider alters the sound so that it appears to be coming from a larger (farther right) or smaller (farther left) room.


Reverb is a measure of how much sound is reflected (echoes) in a room. A very full room has little reverberation, while an empty room would reverberate a great deal. Combine the Reverb effect with Room size to alter the sound and feel of a performance.


Input: Increases or decreases the gain of the incoming signal before you adjust it with the Equalizer. (Similar to the pre-amp on a stereo system.)

Automatic: When selected, normalizes (adjusts) the sound so that all the you play will have roughly the same volume regardless of the level at which they were recorded.

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