Repair song info

This is a Premium/Plus feature that allows you to fix missing or incorrect information in your Library's music files.

  1. Select a song or songs in your RealTimes or RealPlayer Library.
  2. In the task bar, click Tools > Repair Information.
  3. Cleaner will tell you how many songs you have selected. If you would like to clean all your songs, select Clean entire Library. To start the process, click Start Scan.
  4. The scan may take some time, depending on the size of your Library and the quality of your internet connection. An internet connection is required because Cleaner is checking your songs against an online database of song info. You can still use RealTimes or RealPlayer or do other things on your computer while Cleaner is working.
  5. Cleaner will tell you the results of the scan. If Cleaner was unable to match album art for any songs, you can click "We were unable to match..." to view a list of the songs.
  6. The first time you try Cleaner, it is best to click Review Results to see the suggested repairs for each track; see the next section for more information on this process. (There is no "undo" for Cleaner. You can still go into each song individually and edit .) If you want to skip the review, click Save All Changes.


About the review view

The review view shows the old song info and the new song info. The new info is usually selected by default. You can edit the new song info if you wish.

If you want to keep the current song info, click Skip.

To accept the new song info and move to the next song, click Next.

Once you're ready to make the selected changes, click Make Changes To All Songs Now. (Don't worry, this won't make any changes to songs you chose to skip.)


Click , and select Preferences: Library > Repair Song Info.



When repairing songs, update...

Choose what types of song info Cleaner repairs.

When you select "Don't break up albums" existing album titles will not be changed.

When repairing songs, include

After Cleaner works on a song, it marks it as fixed and will not make changes to the song again unless you select one of these options.

Skip songs...

Use this option to exclude songs based on certain words. Separate phrases with a semicolon (;).

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