Scan disk for media

This feature searches local drives for supported media files. Once RealPlayer finds the files, the import wizard adds them to the Library. Note: The files found through this process are NOT automatically uploaded to the Cloud. Also, the files themselves are not stored in RealPlayer; RealPlayer simply maps to the file's location on your hard drive.

To open the import wizard, open RealPlayer and click the  logo in the upper left corner  and select File > Scan Disk For Media

Customize the search with these selections from the "Scan Disk For Media" dialog:




1. Choose File Location

Look for media in: From the list, select a drive or folder to scan. You can also select Browse... to find and select a specific drive and folder.

Include subfolders: (Default: On) Select to search all subfolders of the drive and folder selected above.

Include system folders: (Default: Off) Select to search in folders normally reserved for the operating system.

Copy network files..: (Default: Off) Select to copy media files located on network drives to the default Library Files folder.

Click Next to continue.

2. Choose File Types

Find file types: Select the types of files you want to scan for from the list of supported file types. Click Select All or Deselect All to select all or none of the file types listed.

Do not import files shorter than XX seconds: (Default: On 10 seconds) Select to avoid importing short files. Change the seconds value to the file length you wish to exclude.

Do not import files previously deleted from My Library: (Default: Off) Select to prevent importing files that you have deleted from the Library in the past.

Click Next to continue.

3. Next>

Scan is performed. Select Cancel to stop the scan process.

4. Results

Click Clip Details... to open a list of all the that have been imported.

Check to Go to My Library after closing Scan Disk wizard (Default: On).

Click Finish to close.

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