Music Visualizations

What are Visualizations and how can I use them?

RealPlayer can show a variety of colorful displays that respond to the audio signal of most media. Some of these Visualization images simply enhance your listening with color and movement. Others, such as Fire and Audio Analyzer, can help you adjust your Equalizer for better sound. (Note: Album Art is no longer available as an option for visualizations. We removed this option due to security concerns with the technology used to create these visualizations.)

Visualization images appear in the Now Playing screen.

If you are playing an item that contains its own visual element, such as video or animation, that visual element will replace the Visualization image. However, you can replace the visual element with a Visualization image by turning on a Visualization image while the video is playing.

Note: Some audio, such as MIDI content, will not work with Visualization images.

To turn visualization images on or off

  1. Click the RealPlayer logo and select View > Choose Visualization.
  2. Select a Visualization image from the list. To turn off the Visualization feature select None.

Change Visualization Images

annabelle visualization screen

In the Visualization display, click back button or forward button to cycle through the different Visualization images.

Create custom visualizations and skins

We're sorry, but RealPlayer no longer supports this feature.

Adjust Visualization Settings

Click in the bottom right-hand corner of the Visualization pane, then adjust the settings provided. Or click and select View > Choose Visualization > Visualization Settings...

See Visualization Feature Settings for more information.

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