Visualization feature settings

How can I use and customize visualizations?

You can customize Visualization images in the PC desktop player by changing the special effects and the frame rate in the Visualization Settings window.

Note: Some special effects will not affect certain Visualization images.

Open the Visualization Settings Window

Click the RealPlayer logo on the upper left, and select View > Choose Visualization > Visualization Settings...

Note: Album Art is no longer available as an option for visualizations. The technology used for album art visualizations was no longer considered secure by Microsoft, so we removed this option in order to protect our customers.

Adjust Visualization Image Settings

  1. Click the On/Off button to turn the special effects on. (Default: Off/red).
  2. To select the desired settings for each special effect, move the green arrows. If you don’t feel like setting each effect separately, select Randomize Effects During Playback to randomly change the effects during playback.
    • Use DirectDraw for display: On many computers this will offer smoother effects. After it is enabled (checked), you must restart the application for it to function.
    • Fade: Changes the amount of trail you will see behind the graphics.
    • Rotate: Determines whether the graphics will revolve clockwise or counterclockwise.
    • Zoom: Moving the cursor to the right or left on the X-axis (horizontal) makes the image trails spread out or curve in on the screen; moving the cursor up or down on the Y-axis (vertical) determines whether the image trails curve up or down on the screen.
    • Slide: Makes image trail slide off the screen to the right or left, up, or down.
    • Blur Type: Sets the blurring of the graphics to appear toward to the bottom left corner or the top left corner.
  3. Set the desired Frame Rate. Higher frame rates require more processing power but make the Visualization images smoother.
  4. Some Visualization images have additional options available. Click Configure to access them. (If there are no additional options, this button will not be available.)
  5. To activate your changes, click Close.
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