Playing DVDs

How do I play DVDs in RealTimes or RealPlayer?

DVD playback works best with a RealTimes Premium or Unlimited subscription, or in RealPlayer Plus with the Plus DVD playback components installed. On computers without the DVD playback components, DVD playback may not work, or may play only the video with no audio. In these cases, to play DVDs in RealTimes/RealPlayer you will need to upgrade to the Premium or Unlimited version and install the DVD playback components.

The simplest way to start playing a DVD is to insert a DVD into a DVD-capable drive installed on your computer. If RealTimes (or RealPlayer) is selected as your default player for DVDs, then it will automatically open and start playing the DVD. Otherwise, you will need to open the player and select Play CD or DVD from the Play menu.

Note: An AVCHD disc burned in RealTimes Premium/RealPlayer Plus is playable only on Blu-ray players.

To enable automatic DVD playback:
1. Open RealTimes/RealPlayer.
2. Click the logo in the upper left, then click Preferences. 
3. In the Category pane, click DVD.
4. Under When Inserting a DVD, select the Start Playback check box.
5. In the Use Display Mode list, choose a display mode (usually Theater or Normal).
6. Click OK.

To start DVD playback manually:
1. Open RealTimes/RealPlayer.
2. Insert the DVD.
3. You should see the DVD appear in the left pane of the player.
4. Click the DVD icon to start playing.

Getting a "Key Exchange" error? Read our troubleshooting tips for RealPlayer Plus.

DVD Navigation Menu

When you play a DVD, find the DVD Navigation Menu button on your Player Control bar. Click it to open these controls:




DVD Menu

Pauses the presentation and opens the DVD main menu.


Returns to the DVD presentation.


Opens a list of video and trailers. (Title 1 is the main presentation.) Select a title to play.


Opens a list of chapters for the current presentation. Select a chapter. will advance to that chapter and continue playing.

Audio Track

Opens a list of the available alternate language audio tracks for the current presentation. Select a language to change audio tracks.


Opens a list of available subtitles. Select a language to view (or select None).


Select alternate viewing angles (when available).

Closed Captions

Turns the Closed Captions feature on and off. (Closed Captions are presented in the native language of the DVD.)

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