No sound when playing DVD

Why am I getting only video, but no sound when I try to play a DVD in RealPlayer?

Although you may be able to play back DVDs with sound in other applications, the audio decoders used by those applications are not available for use by RealPlayer. To resolve this, you can upgrade to a RealTimes Premium or Unlimited subscription (RealPlayer Plus if you are on Windows XP or Vista) and install our premium DVD Playback software (typically, the playback software will install automatically the first time you play a DVD in RealPlayer Plus or RealTimes Premium/Unlimited).

If you've already purchased RealPlayer Plus or subscribed to RealTimes Premium or Unlimited and are experiencing this issue, please make sure that you are signed in before playing the DVD.

If you have a Plus or Premium account and are signed in, but still don't hear any sound when playing DVDs, then you may need to update your sound card drivers. This is often the case if you have just updated your Operating System. Driver updates are usually available for free download from manufacturers' websites. The drivers are usually updated every few months. After installing the drivers, be sure to restart your computer so the configuration changes take effect.

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