'General DVD error' when trying to play a DVD

Why do I get a "General DVD error" when trying to play a DVD on RealTimes (RealPlayer)?

This error is usually due to a communication problem between your DVD software and RealTimes. Your DVD software may be improperly installed or incompatible with RealTimes.

You can check your current software installation by attempting to play the DVD using the DVD software supplied with your drive. If the default player does not play the DVD, you will need to reinstall the software that came with your drive.

Your DVD software may also be incompatible with RealTimes. For example, RealTimes cannot play DVDs using the free version of PowerDVD software. If you try to play DVDs using this version, RealTimes contacts AutoUpdate and installs the DVD plug-in, but you will receive an error message stating that the DVD software is not properly installed. You can avoid the problem by installing the full paid version of PowerDVD or the free version of WinDVD.

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