Shuffle Play and Continuous Play

Does RealPlayer have repeat or random functions for playing music?

With Shuffle Play and Continuous Play you can listen to a CD over and over again, but in a different order each time, or cycle through a series of songs in your Library. You can use them together or separately.

To turn them on or off:

  1. Click and select Play.
  2. Select Shuffle Play or Continuous Play.

Shuffle Play will randomize the playback of your songs.

Continuous Play will play your playlist or CD and return to the beginning to cycle through again when it reaches the end.

NOTE: To play videos continuously, follow these instructions instead.

Using Shuffle and Continuous Play at the same time

After playing each in the list once, RealPlayer will re-randomize the list and continue playing. Once it has played each of the again, it will re-randomize the list once more and continue playing. RealPlayer will continue this loop until you stop it.

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