Save CD Tracks to the Library

How do I copy songs from a CD to my Library in RealPlayer/RealTimes?

  1. With RealTimes running, insert a CD into your CD drive.
  2. RealTimes checks the CD tracks against the items in the Library. If the CD tracks have not yet been saved to the Library, RealTimes prompts you by asking if you would like to save them to your Library now:
    • Click Yes to import and save the tracks now.
    • Click No to save none of the tracks and close the dialog. Your tracks are still listed and playable in the CD/DVD display page.
    • Click Options... to open the "Save Tracks" dialog. The "Save Tracks" dialog lets you select individual tracks from the CD, change the computer location where the tracks are saved, and access your CD Preferences settings.
  3. The Status column on the CD page will indicate Saved for each track successfully imported.

Good to Know

  • RealTimes automatically prompts you to save CD tracks each time you play a new CD. To change this setting, open CD Preferences, then deselect the Prompt to Save CD option.
  • You can browse other RealTimes pages and use other features while the CD is being saved.
  • Once all tracks are saved, RealTimes will play a sound. To choose the sound, or disable this setting, open CD Preferences, then click Additional CD Options.
  • If you have previously imported one or more tracks from a CD, RealTimes will remember this information. If, at a later time, you start to add tracks to your Library from the same CD, RealTimes will indicate which tracks have previously been saved. You will have the option to make an additional copy of the files you made earlier, or to leave them alone.


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