No sound when playing audio CD

Why is there no sound when I try to play an audio CD with RealTimes (RealPlayer)?

If you are unable to hear audio playback when you play an audio (music) CD with RealTimes, you can usually fix this problem by checking and adjusting the system volume, or checking to see if the problem is with the CD itself.

Solution 1: Check that your system volume is not muted or set too low (Windows XP only).

Are you hearing other sounds on your computer, for instance when you view or listen to clips on websites? If yes, skip ahead to Solution 2. If you're not hearing any sounds on your computer, adjust your system volume levels.

To do this, you will need to access the speaker icon on your taskbar. If you do not see the speaker icon on your taskbar, see your Windows Help to learn how to access it.

RealTimes plays sound using the Wave Out controls of your sound card. If the Volume Control sliders are muted, RealTimes will not play sound.

To make sure the volume is not muted on your system:

1. Double-click the speaker icon next to the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen.
2. In the Volume Control dialog box, make sure that all of the Mute boxes are clear.

If the Volume Control dialog box does not display the Volume Control or Wave sliders, add them:

1. Double-click the speaker icon, select the Options menu, and choose Properties.
2. In the Show the following controls section, select Volume Control and Wave.
3. Click OK.

Solution 2: Try playing a commercially-produced CD.

You might experience audio playback problems when you try to play CDs that you or a friend recorded. Try playing a standard commercially-recorded CD to find out if the problem is related to the homemade CD. If the commercially-recorded CD plays while the homemade one does not, the problem is likely with the homemade CD.

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