'Cannot open audio device'

Why do I receive the error message "Cannot open audio device" when using RealPlayer?

RealPlayer uses the sound card to record and play back media files. If the sound card is in use by another program, or if RealPlayer cannot detect the sound card, the following message appears: "Cannot open audio device. Another application may be using it." 
Solution 1: Close other programs that may be using the sound card.

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and 8):

1. Right-click on the clock (lower right hand corner on the taskbar).
2. Select Task Manager.
3. Click the Applications tab. (In Windows 8, click the Processes tab.)
4. Click each program (except RealPlayer) to highlight it, and then click End Task.
5. Try to play the content again.

If no other program is using the sound card, the error is most likely caused by the system's sound card drivers being improperly installed, incorrectly configured, or not current enough to be compatible with RealTimes. The following solutions will help you troubleshoot the problem.

Solution 2: Check for incorrect or missing sound card drivers.

Look in your sound card documentation for driver descriptions, and then see Windows Help to find out how to check for incorrect or missing sound card drivers.

Solution 3: Update older sound card drivers.

RealTimes is designed to take advantage of the latest advances in driver technology. Older drivers can cause unexpected errors.

If the installed driver is more than six months old, it may not be compatible with RealTimes. Update the sound card driver on your system. Driver updates are usually available for free download from manufacturers' websites. The drivers are usually updated every few months. After installing the drivers, restart your computer so that the configuration changes take effect.

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