Sharing photos and videos by email, text, or on a website

How can I share my photos and videos with my friends?

Right-click on any photo, video, or Story in your RealTimes/RealPlayer Library (or on, if you are signed in) and select Share. You can share via Facebook (the video will be posted to your wall), Twitter, email, or by selecting the chain-link icon to view and copy the URL.

When sharing via email, you can enter as many email addresses as you like, as well as a brief message. You can also choose to import contacts from your Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo accounts.

Recipients will receive an email letting them know you shared something, and the email will contain a link to view the photo or video in a new browser window.

Downloaded videos must be less than 20 minutes long to be shared; longer videos can be shared if they were captured by your Android, iPhone or iPad device. If you try to share a video that is too long, you will be prompted to trim it before sharing. In the Trimmer, just move the right and left sliders to select a portion of the video that is slightly under 20 minutes long.

Can I share videos with non-RealTimes users?

Sure! Recipients do not need to have RealTimes installed to watch the videos you share with them.

Can I share a whole album with people, or do I have to share the items one at a time?

Yes, you can share an album! Just right-click or tap on the album name and select Share. If you make changes later, the changes will be automatically shared to everyone who can see the shared items. For example: if you share an Album called "Vacation" with your parents via email, and you later add new photos to the Album, your parents will get an email telling them that there are new items in "Vacation". 

Note: In RealPlayer, videos in a collection can only be shared one at a time.

When I share a Story, can I choose the image that's sent in the notification?

Yes. When you upload or share your Story, you will have the opportunity to select the image that is shown to your recipients before they play your Story.

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