Trim long video before sharing

Why am I prompted to trim a video before sharing? How do I do that?

While personal videos (that you captured yourself) can be shared regardless of length, videos that you download from other sites can only be shared if they are less than 20 minutes long. When you try to share a longer video, you will be prompted to Trim and Share it.

When you click Trim and Share, a Trimmer window will open. You can slide the markers at the beginning and/or end of the video to make it shorter. (At this time, it's not possible to select multiple scenes within the video or to trim out the middle portion.) Once the video is under 19 minutes and 50 seconds, the Share button will turn green, as in the example below:

At this point, you can click Share and choose how you want to share the video--via email, Facebook, text link, etc. Fill in the requested information and click Share to send your video on its way!

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