Editing RealTimes Stories

How can I customize my Story?

Editing options appear when you start playing a Story, and include changing scenes, color filters, transitions, and audio tracks. You can watch a short demo by clicking the image below, or read more about the options.


Add or Remove Content: To add photos or videos that aren't in the story, click Scenes. You can check or uncheck the photos and videos that are shown, or click Add Scenes to add photos or videos from your Library. Note: You can add up to 300 scenes to a story, if you have a RealTimes Unlimited subscription.

Re-order Content: Select the Scenes link in a Story, then click (or tap) and drag the items into the desired order.

Change Audio: To change the music track for a RealTimes Story on mobile devices, tap on the music note; on a PC, click Music in the task bar. You will see a selection of music tracks. You can also add audio from one of the videos in your Story, by tapping Add (or Add Audio). To add music tracks from your personal music library, tap Audio > Add > My Music, make your selection, and tap OK. On Android and iOS, you also have the option to record a voice-over narration for your story. Premium and Unlimited subscribers can choose from an additional 100 music tracks provided in the app.

NOTE: the My Music option is temporarily unavailable on iOS 10 devices; we're working to restore this option in the near future.

Change Color Filters: Click or tap on Effects in the task bar menu, then select Filters to choose a new filter option.

Change Transition: Click or tap on Effects in the task bar menu, then select Transitions to choose a different transition style between scenes.

Change Title: To change the default name for your Story, click or tap Title and enter your new title. In this screen, you can also select a background image or a different background color for your title slide.

Choose a thumbnail: When you upload or share your Story, you will have the opportunity to select the image that is shown to your recipients before they play your Story.

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